Shih Tzu Dogs: Everything From The How To’s to The What Not’s

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Anything and everything about the Shih Tzu dog breed is what this site is all about.

Here you'll find practical information that will help you raise a healthy, happy, and well behaved pet.

Take a Look at the Amazing Shih Tzu 

Black and white Shih Tzu dog standing on a path in a wooded settingRocky is our first Shih Tzu dog

When you meet a Shih Tzu you can't help but notice how completely adorable they are.  From their distinct appearance, to their charming personality, this is a breed you just can't resist.

But as captivating as this breed is they can also prove to be a bit of a handful at times to anyone unfamiliar with the breed.

This is where we can help.

Being fortunate to share our lives with some of our own Shih Tzu fur-babies, we've learned a lot about caring for this breed, and we're sharing all of this with you.

When you need guidance on how to potty train them, what food and treats are best for them, and when they should go to the vet, or any of the other things you'll need to'll find it here.

Like getting a new puppy from a breeder or adopting an older Shih Tzu dog,  you will know what you need to do to find and raise the perfect little pup.

(Although, you may find yourself bending to the will of the Shih Tzu on occasion and become his perfect human.)

Ready to get started?

See What Else Is In Store For You Inside These Pages To Learn All There Is About Shih Tzu Dogs! 

The Shih Tzu are a loyal breed, with a huge personality, and are playful, affectionate and desires a lot of your attention.

They are a long coated breed who at times, can be pretty high maintenance.

But they will love you, unconditionally, forever -- which makes it all worth any extra attention you may have to give them.

Have you found your forever Shih Tzu yet?

My RockyRocky

If you haven't already found your forever Shih Tzu, consider adopting from shelters instead of going to a pet store.

A good place to start looking for a pet is at your local shelters.  We called our local shelter, found Rocky, then went onto Petfinder where we found Max and then Rufus.

You may be surprised at how many pets need a home!

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More of what you'll find on Everything Shih Tzu...

Of course what kind of site with this be, without a little fun.

So not everything here will be of a learning nature, sometimes you may want to have fun stuff too, like chew toys and photos, Halloween costumes, calendars, traveling gear and stories from actual owners of this breed.

If you have a fun story to share about your pet, I'd love to hear about it, and share with other readers.

Click on our photos link share your stories about his or her shenanigans, or how he came to live with you.