Raising A Happy Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu dog in a wooded setting

What makes a Shih Tzu dog happy?  Spending as much time with you as they can.

They love attention, and they are undoubtedly a very loyal breed.

When you meet a Shih Tzu you can't help but notice how completely adorable they are.  From their beautiful looks, to their playful personality, this is a breed you just can't resist.

We love all dogs and have had several different breeds over our lifetime, but seem to have affinity for small breeds.  And for the past 10 years we have been sharing our lives with these amazing Shih Tzu fur babies

We've learned a lot about them, and we're going to help you get to know all the information you need to raise a happy, healthy Shih Tzu.

The Shih Tzu are a loyal breed, with a huge personality, who can be playful, affectionate and desires a lot of your attention.

They are a long coated breed who at times, can be pretty high maintenance.

But they will love you, unconditionally, forever…which makes it all worth any extra attention you may have to give them.

Have you found your forever Shih Tzu yet? 

My RockyRocky

If you haven't already found your forever Shih Tzu, consider adopting from shelters instead of going to a pet store.

A good place to start looking for a pet is at your local shelters.  We called our local shelter, found Rocky, then went onto Petfinder where we found Max and then Rufus. 

You may be surprised at how many pets need a home!

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