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Everything Shih Tzu is about teaching people on how to care for the Shih Tzu dog breed through blogging about training, grooming, diet, and everything else related to this breed.

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About Me

Me with Rocky the Shih Tzu

Hello and welcome to EverythingShihTzu! My name is Molly, your humble creator of this website.  I've lived with cats and dogs, big and small all my life.  And for over a decade have raised Shih Tzu dogs.

Now onto the actual stars of this show, Rocky, Max and Rufus!

About the boys

Shih Tzu dog named RockyRemarkable Rocky

See this gorgeous little fur baby boy there, he's Rocky.  He's my first Shih Tzu baby, and holds a very special place in my heart.

The bond between us is so strong.  His intuition in knowing when it's been a bad day is incredible.

He always knows what to do to lift my spirits and comforts me.  Shih Tzu are very smart when it comes to connecting with your emotions.  It's hard to stay in a bad mood, or unhappy when they're around.

Anyone who has ever had a Shih Tzu, probably knows that once you have one Shih Tzu, you will want another one.  Actually I think it's a rule now :)

So of course, Max came to live with us, and then Rufus.  Each one with their own special personality.

They all bring such happiness to our home, we can't imagine not being surrounded by their energies.

Shih Tzu dog named MaxMagnificent Max

Who wouldn't love to come home and get a huge greeting by these handsome boys at the door, especially after a bad day at the office.

This majestic looking boy is Max.  He has the most amazing personality, it's indescribable how special he actually is.  Everyone who meets him is immediately awed by him!

He is very laid back but very playful too.

His favorite thing is going for car rides and all we have to do is just mention the word "Ride" and his head pops up, he'll stare at us till we say "come on", then he jumps up and down with such enthusiasm,  singing to us in his own Shih Tzu way as if to tell us to hurry up.

He loves to cuddle beside us on the couch and he follows me everywhere I go.

Shih Tzu dog named RufusRadiant Rufus

This little sleepy head is Rufus...his personality is huge for such a little guy.  He loves to chase toys, and is very much a lap dog.

When we are sitting on the couch, he sits at our feet and with those big dark eyes looks up at us and waits for us to tell him to come up, and then immediately jumps up and rolls onto his back to have us scratch his belly.

Yup, he's got us trained.

He loves going for walks, and loves being outside. 

When he can't be outside, he'll sit in the window watching everything that goes on.

One of his favorite hobbies is barking at the mailman when he comes the house.  Rufus has this uncanny ability to hear that mail truck blocks away, and runs to the window waiting for him to arrive.  I guess he wants to make sure the mailman doesn't put any bills in the mail box...smart boy!

It's because of these three beautiful boys that Everything Shih Tzu was created.

There's so much to know about caring for small dogs that sharing it seemed like a good thing to do.

So thanks for stopping by and getting to know us.  I hope you find the information you're seeking, but if not, you can always send me a message here

See you on the inside!

Signature "Molly"

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