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Oct 15, 2021

Do Dogs Sense Negative Energy

Dogs can sense negative energy. Most dogs have highly-developed senses, much keener than our own and can be very intuitive. Here's what you should watch for

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Sep 27, 2021

12 Best Dog Foods for Shih Tzu with Allergies

Top picks for best dog food for allergies. If your Shih Tzu has allergies to certain food, changing their diet may give them relief from itching and tear stains

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Jul 25, 2021

Why Do Dogs Bite Their Paws, Legs, and Tail?

If you've seen your dog biting at its paws, legs, or tail, it may indicate boredom, stress, or health issues. Here’s what you can do to remedy this bad habit

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Jul 04, 2021

The Best Wet Puppy Food for Shih Tzu

Wet puppy food is a great option for Shih Tzu struggling to chew hard food or a loss of appetite, here’s 10 picks for best wet foods for a puppy and your budget

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Jul 02, 2021

7 Popular Pet Carriers For Traveling With Your Dog

Choosing the right pet carriers for air travel for your dog is crucial for a smooth trip. Check out these comfortable traveling options available for your pet

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Jun 27, 2021

Best Travel Dog Crates You Will Love

Best collapsible dog crates for a small dog. Quality, durability, ease of use and comfort is what makes these crates a great choice for you and your dog.

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Jun 22, 2021

When Are Shih Tzu Fully Grown

Shih Tzu are considered fully grown at about year old. However, before they reach adulthood, Shih Tzu pups experience a variety of milestones along the way

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