Carry Your Shih Tzu In Style With These Dog Carriers and Bags

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Dog carrier bags and strollers are the perfect way to take your beloved pooch with you wherever you go.

It's both a stylish and convenient way of keeping her safe and under control while traveling around town, on vacation or a business trip when being on a leash just won't do.

But its not just a fashion statement.

These bags can be used when riding in the car, traveling on a plane, going to the vets, going for a bike ride, a jog, or even as a crate.

Designer Dog Carrier Bags

We certainly do spoil our pets, but really, aren't they are worth it.

Nothing says luxury like a dog carrier bag.  The designer bags are made to look like handbags, but instead it carries our pampered pooches in style.

This gorgeous carrier is one of my favorite bags to carry my little fur baby around with me.  Not only because it is such a cute bag, but it's very well made and wasn't all that expensive.

This medium bag holds up to 33 pounds, which should be more than enough for most Shih Tzu dogs, but you could always get the smaller one if it works better for you.

Just be sure to check the dimensions when choosing a dog carrier bag in addition to the maximum weight limits.

Your Shih Tzu should fit comfortably inside a carrier as well as be comfortable for you to carry around.

But if this isn't your style, check out some other stylish bags below.

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Dog Carrier Bags With Wheels

For times when you are traveling long distances, it is easier to use a carrier bag with wheels and a handle to cart them around.

These bags also make it easier to carry her, when you have other luggage to haul.

gray rolling pet carrier
Pet carrier with handle and wheels
Blue pet carrier with wheels and handle

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If you are traveling by plane, train or bus, find out if they accept pets and whether you can bring her on board with you.

Most airlines want your pet to be able to fit under the seat, ask them what dimensions and get an airline acceptable carrier for your pets traveling adventure.

Also keep in mind, that if you have a larger pet, he will most likely have to go in the cargo area, so know the carry on weight limit, and also that he has all his vaccinations which the airline will require.

Dog Carrier Stroller

Another method of traveling is with a stroller.

A carrier stroller came in handy when our Shih Tzu, Rocky, wasn't feeling well.

We were able to continue to walk Max, and not leave Rocky at home, instead he got to enjoy a leisurely walk, and fresh air in comfort.

And if you want to bring Fido with you for company when you're jogging, these strollers are the perfect solution.

Red bike pet stroller
Blue pet stroller with dog
Red heavy duty pet stroller

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Bicycle Carrier for Dogs

Have you ever tried to go for a bike ride and hold your dogs leash at the same time.

That can be pretty tricky to do, especially if he sees a squirrel and decides he wants to chase it.

Or if another bike rider rides by, and he gets freaked out and winds up tangled up in your wheels....scary thought.

A bike trailer or basket carrier attachment, is a great and safe way to bring him for the ride with you.

Bike basket for pets
blue bike trailer for pets, or small children
Schwinn carrier bike attachment

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Pets come in all sizes so be sure to measure your fur-baby and get the right size for him or her, when deciding which carrier bag or stroller will work best for them.

Happy Tails!

Dog travel bags

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