10 Ways Dogs Show They Love You

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There is no doubt that you absolutely adore your dog; after all, she is the most adorable and lovable thing on four legs.

Many people claim a dog as their absolute best companion and ultimate best friend.

However, do you ever find yourself wondering how your Shih Tzu feels about you in return? 

10 Signs Your Dog Loves You

Undoubtedly she loves you just as much as you love her, unconditionally and with gusto, but how exactly does she show it?

You give your pup treats, loving pats, and heavenly belly rubs, but obviously your pooch doesn’t show up on your doorstep with a dozen roses and a box of chocolates.

So, how do dogs show love toward you?

Let’s take a closer peek at each one of these signs of affection, and as you read, think about which ones you’ve noticed from your own  Shih Tzu.

signs Your Dog Loves you

Of course, every pup is different, so your pooch might show her love for you in any number of ways; whether it is one or a combination of several of the ones mentioned here, or maybe even something that is uniquely her.

1.  She looks into your eyes and holds the gaze

Prolonged eye contact has been shown to increase oxytocin, the hormone that can make both humans and pups get that warm, fuzzy feeling.

If your pup is gazing lovingly into your eyes then it's a safe bet she thinks you're simply the greatest and is trying to tell you so.

2.  She wags her tail so much her bottom moves along with it

Dogs do a lot of their communicating with their whole bodies, especially their tails. Depending on how a dog is holding or moving her tail, she can be telling you she's nervous, alert, on edge, or scared.

But, if your dog is loosely wagging her tail so much that her entire bottom is shaking from side to side, it's because she is completely ecstatic and overjoyed to be with you. She’s also probably ready to play, so grab her favorite toy and start having some fun together!

3.  She is calm when you leave but thrilled when you return

Believe it or not, if your pup stays calm, cool, and collected when you leave the house it shows that she trusts you and knows you will come back.

If she's frantic and on edge when you leave, that's more a sign of separation anxiety then love.

However, when you come back home and your dog is bouncing off the walls, well, that paints a whole different picture.

This energetic display shows that your pooch is very happy to see you and to have her best friend back at home.

4.  She has her favorite toy ready and waiting for you

When your dog brings you her favorite toy, or even better, when she runs and grabs her toy or has it ready and waiting for you when you get home, this is a surefire sign that your Shih Tzu loves you.

She is ready to play and share her favorite things with you and considers you her favorite person and playmate.

5.  She wants to get as close to you as possible 

If your Shih Tzu leans on you or presses up against you so much you're convinced she's trying to get inside of you, it's just because she absolutely loves you and wants to be as close to you as possible. Luckily for you, your Shih Tzu isn't a Great Dane; think of how often you would fall over every time she wanted to show her affection!

6.  She shows you her belly and lets you touch her head

As much as a dog likes to be pet, there are certain places on a pup's body that she would rather be left alone, including her head and belly.

However, if your pup exposes her belly to you and lets you pet her on the head, and what's more she loves when you do it, this shows that she completely trusts you and loves you.

7.  She is right by your side when you're feeling ill or blue

If you're sick or feeling a little sad, and your pup wants to be by you 24/7, this shows that she is in tune with your feelings.

She wants to stay by your side and make you feel better, just like a good friend is supposed to do.

8.  She raises her eyebrows

Dogs have over 100 expressions compared to humans who have about 20.

Your pup shows you how she feels by offering an array of different facial expressions including doggy smiles, raised and wiggly eyebrows, and floppy tongues.

9.  She sleeps with you

While you might think your dog just wants to be in the big comfy bed, if your dog wants to sleep with you it's because she loves you.

Remember, you are the alpha dog in the pack and your Shih Tzu wants to stay by your side.

Plus, if your pup can fall asleep with you, it's a sign of absolute trust. (Not to mention it's a sign of how much she loves cuddling with you)!

10.  She gets super excited when you talk to her and say her name in a positive way

If your dog starts panting and jumping around excitedly when you say her name and start to play with her, you can bet you just made her day.

She is absolutely thrilled that you're sending positive attention her way because she loves you so much and knows you are about to have a fun time together.

Signs Your Dog Loves YouHow Dogs Show Love

There's nothing in the world quite like a bond between a human and her faithful furry friend.

If you ever had any doubts about how your dog felt about you, knowing these signs of affection are sure to show you just how much your pup absolutely adores you.

Now, go snuggle up with your dog and show her just how much she means to you too!

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