Pet Insurance Providers: How To Get The Best For Your Pets Needs


Nearly 70% of the households in the United States has a pet in the house.  That has increased substantially from just 20 years ago.

And along with this increase in household pets, comes an increase in pet healthcare.

Every pet guardian wants their fur baby to remain healthy and safe throughout their lifetime.

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With massive advancement in the veterinary field and the level of training required to become a veterinarian, pet healthcare has become expensive and unaffordable for many families.

People have now started facing problems in maintaining their pets’ health due to a variety of expenses associated with pet healthcare.

Luckily for many of us, there are more pet insurance providers in the market today than ever before.

If you have the right type of pet health insurance, you can manage your pet’s healthcare needs conveniently within your budget.

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How To Choose Your Pet Insurance Provider

While shopping for an insurance provider, you should try to get answers to some useful questions including:

How Long Has The Company Been In Business?

If the company has been in business for long that shows they have more experience in dealing with pet healthcare and have defined policies and procedures in place of reimbursement and coverage.

Choosing an insurance provider that is relatively new can result in an increase in expenses.

How Good Is Their Customer Service?

Customer service is the key to client convenience in any type of service industry and pet health is no exception.

If your pet insurance provider provides excellent customer service for your needs then you would not have to worry about claim reimbursements or selecting the insurance plan that is most suitable for your pet’s healthcare needs.

Check for Company Reviews Online

With so much data available on the internet, it is not hard to find customer reviews about the provider you are considering.

While selecting your insurance provider, be sure to check what customers say about the company and how many are satisfied with their service.

This will tell you in advance about the service you should expect from the potential pet insurance provider.

Can You Choose Your Own Veterinarian?

Many insurance providers would limit your choice of veterinarians and would allow you to choose from a predetermined list of veterinarians on their panel. You should try to go with the company that would allow you select the veterinarian of your choice.

What Type of Pet Insurance Plans Are Available

Every pet insurance provider has its own set of perks such as the range of deduction options or percentage of claims reimbursed.

However, most of them offer similar types of insurance plans which include:

Accident Only Plans

These plans are ideal when you only want health coverage incase your pet has an accident like falling from a height or being hit by a moving object.

Though this type of plan may be a cheaper option it does not cover other health concerns such as chronic or regular illness.

Pet Wellness Plans

These plans provide minimal coverage such as annual physical checkups, flea and tick preventatives, neutering and vaccinations.

If you have a minimal budget and just want to keep a tab on your pet’s health on a regular basis. Then this plan could be the right choice for you.

Lifetime Insurance Plans

These types of plans cover most types of health issues including accidental, preventive, chronic and other regular health expenses related to your pet.

Since these plans are quite comprehensive in nature, they are usually the most expensive to maintain.

Lifetime insurance plans are ideal for pets that suffer from chronic illnesses and require complicated surgical procedures every now and then.

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Top Pet Insurance Providers in the Market

The best pet insurance provider will provide maximum health coverage options for your pet at a competitive rate.

Their reimbursement levels can go up to 100% of your claim and some may even waive off your deductible in case your pet undergoes a serious procedure.

One of the key characteristics of a quality insurance provider would be its customer service. They would be quick in answering your queries and always process your claims with ease and convenience.

Some of the most popular insurance providers include:

Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws is one of those few pet insurance companies that provide life time coverage options for injuries, illness and genetic conditions with no annual limits.

Reimbursement levels can go as high as 90% and you can chose from a number of deductible options from $100 to $750. With the latest iPhone app introduced by Healthy Paws you can claim your reimbursement anywhere at any time using your Healthy Paws App.

The average claim processing time at Healthy Paws is less than a week with no reimbursement cap.

Pets Best

Pets’ Best insurance has more than a decade of experience in providing pet health insurance to customers all over the country.

With a variety of insurance plans to choose from that include accidents, illness, and wellness packages, it offers unlimited coverage on its elite plan and deductibles ranging from $50 to $5000 based on the client’s needs.

They pride themselves on being the very best in terms of customer service and reimburse claims as quickly as within a week which can range between 70% and 90% of the actual amount. The premiums offered by Pets Best Pet Insurance are competitive.


If pet insurance providers were measured according to their customer service and flexibility in coverage options, Embrace could easily top the chart.

Apart from its standard package that covers accidents and illness conditions, it provides alternative treatments as well, such as behavioral therapy and prosthetic limbs.

Although it may not provide unlimited annual coverage, its maximum limit is very high which can go up to $15,000.

Providing best in class customer service to its customers, Embrace can cover up to 90% of the claim amount and reimbursed directly to the customer’s account.


Petplan pet insurance provides the most comprehensive coverage plans in the market with no restriction on congenital or hereditary conditions.

The additional perks include coverage for dental injuries, hospital stays and all non-routine veterinary checkups. It provides unlimited annual coverage option and reimburses up to 90% of the claim amount.

Petplan’s premiums are considered fairly competitive in the market and additional discounts are available for military personnel.

Pet insurance is the need of the hour for many pet parents who want to keep their pets safe and healthy while managing their monthly expenses.

Being aware of the different options available in the market for pet health insurance can help you decide on the perfect policy that addresses all your pet’s healthcare needs and gives you the satisfaction that you need.

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