How To Find Low Cost Pet Insurance


Pet insurance is a thriving industry these days.  However, a major concern is in finding a low cost pet insurance that will cover all your pet’s healthcare needs.

Shih Tzu waiting for the vetRocky and Max at Vet

With the advancement in veterinary discipline, more complex procedures are now in place to diagnose any disease in your pet. There is also extensive training required to be a pet care provider.

All this has raised costs to maintaining a pet’s health, and more pet parents are now opting to get pet insurance to help cover this costs than ever before.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Like human health care, pet insurance is based on the risk associated with your pet’s health.

If he is of a particular breed that comes with a history of complaints and diseases, the insurance may automatically go high, and finding a low cost pet insurance may be difficult to find.

These days many people try to get their pets insured at an early age to avoid higher premium due to the age of their pet.  The older the pet, the higher the premium.

Pet insurance companies consider pets of higher age to be more prone to diseases and may also not cover pre-determined illnesses.

There are different types of pet health insurance plans available in the market including:

  • accident only
  • accident and illnesses
  • lifetime coverage

Based on your needs, you can opt for any one of them which may lower or raise your premium accordingly.

Almost 90% of the insurance plans are designed for dogs and cats, if you own another type of pet such as a rabbit; you may not have many options to choose from in terms of health insurance providers.

Characteristics of Pet Insurance

The best pet insurance would provide most comprehensive coverage for your pet, with no annual limit.

When you file a claim using the best insurance plan available in the market,  you get your claim as quickly as possible.

The best pet insurance will cover up to 100% of your vet bill including drug costs.

They would waive off your deductible in case your pet underwent a life-saving treatment. This type of insurance would provide you best coverage, but you will pay a high premium.

We'd all like the best for our furry family member, but sometime we need to opt for a low cost pet insurance instead.

How To Lower Your Pet Insurance Cost

If you do your homework right, you can save a considerable amount of money on your pet’s health insurance premium.

You should know what general health problems of your particular breed.

Shih Tzu breed while typically a healthy breed, do come with their own set of predisposed health issues, like breathing and eye conditions.

If your pet’s breed is less susceptible to illnesses then it is better to just take accident only coverage for any unforeseen event.

Try to insure your pet at an early age as insurance companies allocate high risk to pets of higher age bracket.

Pet health insurance providers may require a complete physical checkup of your pet before offering you their rates. If your pet is in good health, they may charge less premium for the coverage being offered due to less health associated risks.

If you have more than one pet, check for multi-pet insurance policies which may save you some monthly expense through a packaged deal.

You can almost always get a better rate by paying your premiums annually as it is more convenient for insurance companies to get your payment for the whole year all at once rather than tracking you on a monthly basis.

Lastly, always take an opinion from your veterinarian about which policy to opt for to gain maximum value out of your pet’s health insurance plan.

Low Cost Pet Insurance Providers

Some of the most affordable pet insurance available in the market are offered by the following insurance providers:

Figo Insurance

The company is popular for its broad coverage plans, top-notch customer service and additional perks including cloud-based record management system.

Figo is the only insurance provider that covers exam fees and waives off deductible, in case your pet undergoes life-saving care.

The company allows its clients to choose a 100% reimbursement plan, which means that after paying their annual deductibles client do not have to pay a single penny out of their pocket on their pet’s future health visits.  Get a quote here.

HealthyPaws Pet Insurance

Like Figo, Healthy Paws offers unlimited coverage with a variety of plan options in terms of deductibles and claims reimbursement.

Healthy paws may not offer a 100% reimbursement option; However, if the premium price is lower than Figo, it could be a low cost pet insurance plan on your table.

Healthy Paws has been rated number 1 in the US by customers, and appears to be a low cost pet insurance.  However, get a free quote from them so you will know exactly what your rate will include.

Healthy Paws does not restrict you to an annual limit.

This company has one catch though, for owners of big size dogs. You have to wait long before hip dysplasia coverage kicks in and the company does not provide this coverage for pets above six years of age.


Trupanion is one of those few insurance providers that will pay directly to your pet’s veterinarian and you don’t have to go through the whole process of reimbursing your claim.

The company’s per-condition deductible is very effective in case your pet has a risk of developing a chronic illness.

For lifelong illnesses such as dysplasia or on-going kidney treatments, you have to pay the deductible only once in your pet’s lifetime.  Trupanion offers up to 90% reimbursement on your claim and provides unlimited annual coverage.

You can get a free quote from them here.

It is every pet parent’s dream that their pet remains healthy and safe throughout their life. For this purpose, they want to make sure that their pet has access to all the healthcare necessities required to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, with so much advancement in the veterinary field and higher consultation fees, pet health care has become expensive and many opt for pet health insurance for the same reason.

If you do your homework right you can fulfill your desire of providing your pet with the best healthcare services and that too using low cost pet insurance.

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