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Tan Shih Tzu dog outdoors

It's the season for the flea and tick again and your beloved pooch is suffering from these pesky biting bugs.  And as if that weren't bad enough, they are also coming into your home!

Click on the product name for a quick review of flea and tick products

Natural Repellent products
-Only Natural Easy Defense  
-Wondercide spray repellant 
-Herbal Defense Shampoo
-Essential Oil  

Topical Spot On Products
-Frontline plus  
-Advantage II  

Chewable Flea and Tick Medication
-Capstar Flea Tablet 

-Seresto collar 

Fleas and ticks can transmit diseases like Lyme and flea allergy dermatitis, with an added bonus of fleas possibly infecting your fur baby with tapeworms.

But what can you do?

There are several products for your dog on the market, but you're having a hard time deciding which one should you choose?

A few things you should consider when choosing a treatment are:

  • How quickly and reliably does it work?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • What are the side effects and how will it affect my dog?
  • How much money you have to spend on flea and tick products?
Tan and White Shih Tzu dog outside in tall grass

Keep Your Dog Flea and Tick Free With These Treatments

Only Natural Easy Defense Repellent

I believe the best method is to stop the pests before they even jump on my dogs and this flea and tick tag natural repellent has worked well for my Shih Tzu dogs. It's easy to use too, simply attached it to your dogs collar.

This tick tag is non-toxic and worked for several months and overall is less expensive than some other treatments.

The only down side to it for us was one of my Shih Tzu, Max, didn't seem to like the jingling noise created when the tag rested against his glass water bowl and plate, and refused to eat off glass plates and bowls as a result, but we resolved this by putting it on the top ring of his harness so it was near his back instead of hanging down from under his chin area.

Wondercide Flea, Tick and Mosquito Repellent 

Another great natural repellent is the Wondercide spray.  We got the cedar one in the 4oz bottle to try it, and it worked great at repelling the ticks from my boys.

Up here in the Northeast the tick population is huge.

Prior to using Wondercide, I had decided to try Frontline again, and although the ticks I found on my dogs were dead there were several unattached ticks, that were finding their way to me.

The final straw was when I picked about a half dozen off my dogs that weren't attached.

The Frontline was not repelling the ticks so I looked for something else to thwart these creepy crawlies.

I scoured Amazon for a repellent and found the Wondercide Cedar Spray. Just have to say I am loving it!

Sprayed it on my boys, then on my shoes, socks and legs and, since using it not one tick on my dogs or me!

It contains human grade ingredients and is safe to spray directly onto their coat and also around the home.

If you want to repel ticks, fleas, mosquitos, then I highly recommend to get yourself some of this spray.

(Note:  don't spray directly into their face.  Spray your hands then rub your hands on their heads and under their chin, avoiding the eyes)

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control

We used Frontline for several years before switching to a Only Natural Repellent approach.

Once Frontline is applied, it stores itself in the oil glands in your pet's skin. It then self-distributes continuously for 1 month to your pet's hair and skin through the hair follicles. Frontline contains fipronil and (S)-methoprene.

Although it doesn't actually stop the them from biting your dog, once they do bite, this usually kills them.

Bravecto For Dogs

Bravecto is fairly new to the market and it's for dogs 6 months and older that are over 4.5 pounds.

Bravecto prevents fleas, black legged tick, brown dog tick, and also controls the lone star tick.

What's different about Bravecto is it a chewable pill that claims it will last up to 3 months instead of the monthly application normally needed from other flea and tick medicine.

Keep in mind, Bravecto only kills adult fleas, it doesn't work on flea eggs or larvae.

The active ingredient is Fluralaner, which was approved in 2013 as an insecticide.

NexGard Flea and Tick Control

A soft chewable for dogs only, that is given monthly.  It uses an ingredient called Afoxolaner.

Nexgard kills and prevents adult fleas infestations. NexGard is also kills tick and prevents the infestation of 3 common dog ticks, American, Deer and the Lone Star.

Nexgard may cause some adverse reactions which include vomiting, dry/flaky skin, diarrhea, lethargy, and lack of appetite. Its recommended not to use it in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs, and it cautions against dogs with a history of seizures.

Richards Organic Flea & Tick Shampoo

This organic shampoo is a great alternative to traditional flea and tick shampoos as it claims to contain all-natural ingredients to kill flea and ticks and repel mosquitos, while soothing your dogs skin using no harsh chemicals like sulfate, paraben, or dyes.

If you don't like the idea of adding more chemicals onto your dog but want to get rid of fleas, this is a good alternative to use with your flea and tick treatment.

Advantage Flea Treatment

Advantage is a monthly flea treatment for dogs which kills adult fleas, larvae, and eggs. Plus, it kills fleas through contact, which means fleas don't have to bite your pet to die.

However, it doesn't do anything against ticks.

If ticks aren't an issue for your dog, than you may do well with this product.  If ticks are a problem you'd probably do better with one of the other medicines for both flea and tick.

Capstar Flea Tablet

Capstar is an oral tablet that kills adults fleas.  Ticks are not effected by it.  Its said to have very few side effects and is effective.

However, it does not kill flea eggs and larvae so it might have to be administered several times to completely get rid of an infestation.

Some say it's most effective when used combined with a monthly treatment for both immediate and long term relief.

Seresto Flea and Tick Collars

The Seresto collar is made by Bayer and is said to kill and repel ticks within 48 hours and kills fleas within 24 hours of application.

I used this for a summer on my dogs, and it worked, however I started having breathing issues that I can't say for certainty was caused by these collars, but after I stopped putting them on my dogs, the breathing trouble went away.  Just to note I did mention to my Vet about the breathing issue, but he didn't think this collar had anything to do with it.

A Congressional subcommittee is calling for a temporary recall of Seresto flea and tick collars for reports of serious reactions in some dogs. You can read more about this on BusinessInsider.

Essential Oils

Essential oils like Lavender and Lemongrass  are a more natural approach to controlling fleas and ticks on not only your dog, but also can be used on you too.

Essential oils are said to be a great natural way to repel most bugs and pests.  However, keep in mind you will likely have to reapply more often.

What If Fleas Are Already in Your Home

If you are seeing fleas around your home, you can be sure there are probably a lot more than what you are actually seeing.

This little pests are relentless and such an annoyance, plus can carry diseases, and can leave very itchy flea bites on you.

The last thing you want is to have your home crawling with them.


What we have used with great result is FleaBustersRX.

This is a powder substance that you shake on your carpets and hard floors leave it overnight then vacuum it up.

It says its okay for pets and kids to walk on the carpet or floors after application, but it may be better if you can avoid doing so for a little bit.

You may want to give your dog a bath too, to give him some relief too.

More Info

If you want to learn more about how to eradicate these pesky fleas, Pest Strategies offers some advice.

Hope you have found some useful information in this page, and hopefully you can find some relief for your dogs flea and tick infestation.

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