Ziwipeak 'Daily Dog' Air Dried Cuisine-Lamb, Ziwipeak

by Jenna

Before Ziwipeaks Dog Food my Shih Tzu, Dawson, was a typical picky eater. He would not eat kibble very well.

When he was a puppy I fed him Performatrin which he would not eat very well. I would have to sit with him and hand feed him or he would throw the kibbles all over the floor.

Then when he was 8 months I switched him to Acana, the grain free regionals. He still would not finish his meals, and once we got half way through a bag, he wouldn't want to eat it at all.

Then we started on a long journey, even trying raw which I personally could not stand (I love meat as well, but I could not stand it!).

Finally we found Ziwipeak, and Dawson goes crazy for his meals! I only feed him the Ziwipeak in the mornings for a couple reasons.

1. You only need to feed a very small amount and I like to give him a bigger meal, to make him feel fuller at night.

2. He seems to eat his meals better if I give him Ziwipeak in the morning and then another food option at night.

I still haven't fully decided what this should be yet, but I am leaning towards Ziwipeak canned. I like the ingredients n Ziwipeak, all the meat is from New Zealand from grass-fed, free range animals that are raised with no antibiotics or hormones.

I am very concerned as to what I feed Dawson (another reason I switched from Performatrin, I wizened up!) and we both think this food is top notch!

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Ziwikpeaks @ Amazon
by: Steve

You can find Ziwipeak dog food here at Amazon.

picky eater
by: Victorious

I am having trouble with my shih tzu her name is Molli, I too have to hand feed her or she doesn't eat, I have tried blue,canned dry all no grain and I havnt found what she likes, she scratches all the time so I have to give her grain free, where can I buy this dog food. Vkym12345@yahoo.com

Ziwipeak Dog Food
by: Mari

Hi Jenna,

Thanks for your comment. I haven't heard of Ziwipeak before, but it sounds like something I'd definitely want to learn more about.

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