Pedigree Wet Dog Food
Suggestions for Alternatives?

by Heidi
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I've notice my one year old Shih Tzu has been itching and her skin is irritated. Could it be her food? She is on the Pedigree brand wet dog food.

I really want to help her with the itching but don't know where to begin. If what she's eating is causing these irritations, what ingredients to avoid? Could they just be other allergies?

I would really like to know what kinds of issues other people have had with their dogs health, and if simply switching to a different food seemed to help.

I am also open to know of a good alternative to this dog food does anyone have any suggestions?

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Suggestions for Alternatives?

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Grain Free Dog Food for Allergies
by: Louise

A short time after we adopted our Shih Tzu he had developed a horrible cough, and took him to the vet. The vet thought that it was in part due to allergies possibly to his food, so when we came home I searched the internet and read many articles on allergies.

After reading about grain in dog food, we decided to try food that is grain free, and bought grain free Blue Buffalo and also Wellness brands. He has only coughed once since we switched. Hope this helps. Good luck

Change the food!!
by: Anonymous

Our boy was on the same food, and he had stinky discharge and staining around his eyes and mouth.

He also had small, little bumps on his belly, and he was itching and scratching all the time, he also had ear infections. Poor little boy.

Our vet said to switch him to a fish based dog food. We did blue buffalo - salmon and within a month, it all has almost cleared up!!

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