Do You Even Need Pet Health Insurance?

If your wondering whether you should have health insurance for your pet, read this article to help you decide if it makes sense for you.

We all like to take care of what we have, our family, our homes, and even our car has insurance, so why not health insurance for your pet, it seems the logical thing to do.

If you’re like my household, your pets are part of the family too, and as such, we want to care for them like we do ourselves.

That said, lets look into why health insurance is so important for you and your pet.

Many pet owners don't consider insurance until it is too late, and that can be a costly mistake.  Veterinarian bills can be extremely expensive, especially when it comes to things like surgery.

Why You May Need Pet Health Insurance

Almost all pets at some time during their life will get a disease, infection, or have some sort of accident, and that means a trip to the vet.

Moreover, depending on your pets health, this can be even more expensive if they need specific specialist treatment or surgery.

Imagine your dog, who has been your best friend for the past 8 or 9 years, you love him like one of the family, and he’s not feeling well one day. 

You bring him to the vet, and it’s not good news, your vet diagnoses your beautiful precious fur baby with a serious injury or illness.  

This happens more often than you can imagine, but it does, and then you have the decision to make to put him through treatments, which can run into thousands of dollars.

For many pet parents, this is simply out of their budget, and in those cases they have to make the decision to either proceed with expensive medical help so they can bring him back home, or to let him go. 

Yet for those with insurance, the majority of that medical bill, if not all, would be paid.

In addition, if he goes outdoors often, this is where they are more likely to pick up viruses, fungal infections, diseases from other outdoor pets or even accidents. 

Getting insurance for your pet may be just as important as getting insurance for yourself, it's simply gives you peace of mind if an unexpected illness or accident strikes.

How To Pick The Best Pet Insurance

If you decide that you would like to look into getting pet insurance, here’s a few things you should be looking for when purchasing pet health insurance.

The first thing you need to look for is an insurance company that will cover your pet.   Dogs, and cats are generally easily covered, so finding insurance to cover them most likely won’t have any problems.

You will want a coverage that includes genetic disorders, which can be important, like with certain dogs that may get hip dysplasia.

Always check the fine print on pet coverage, because some have large
co-pays or deductibles, and you don't want any big surprises when something happens, and you think you're covered.

Also, you may want to get up to 20K coverage, and you would want at least 90% coverage for a dog or cat.

Finally, taking the time to get pet health insurance, can be the best investment for his overall health long term as well as your wallet.

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