Switching From Blue Buffalo to Homemade Dog Food

by Crystal
(Thunder Bay On, Canada)

My Shih Tzu's, Buster and Bella, have been eating Blue Buffalo dog food for a couple of years now.

I switched them from prescription ID science hills diet as they were still having gastro issues.

The Blue Buffalo basics has helped with the vomiting and loose stools. However, Bella has been showing signs of discomfort with urinating and would shake when we brought her outside to go pee.

We brought her to the vet with a urine sample and sure enough she had a UTI and crystals in her urine. She was treated with antibiotics to rule out the cause of the crystals.

I followed up with another visit to vet with another urine sample which still presented significant crystals and blood cells. I brought the urine sample in and then heard from the vet a few days later.

The Vet left a message on my machine late in the evening and I tried calling her back as soon as they opened. I have not heard back from her yet and am trying to wait ever so patiently.

Anyways, I have a feeling that its caused from the Blue Buffalo Basics but how does one know for sure? I'm going to start feeding my Buster and Bella homemade dog food. At least I'll know what's in their food!!!

Most of these dog food suppliers are making veterinarians a lot of money. These vet bills are getting ridiculous!!!!

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Shih Tzus Buster and Bella
by: Carolynn Dumas

In doing my own research I found a article regarding BLUE BUFFALO that they were sued for false advertisement regarding ingredients in their food...a lot of ingredients in dog food sound wonderful but are truly not beneficial to our dogs..in fact some are harmful...and even beet pulp is now under suspicion and being researched.

We trust these manufacturers in what they process but yet we don't ever see the processing plants and whats going on in them.

There has been many Blue Buffalo foods that have been recalled..this www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/brand/ although not completely updated has a list for you to go thru and see which truly are among the best rated and some foods even list the recalls.

I feed my Shih Tzu TRUDOG FEED ME BEEF...its 99percent BEEF..including organs and the beef is U.S.A grass fed animals. Feed dry or moistened. She loves it dry.

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Blue Buffalo Lamb and Brown Rice Small Bites with Lifesource

by Leslie
(Pensacola, Florida)

After losing my beloved Schnauzer my Shih Tzu quit eating.

I switched him to the Blue Buffalo and he has been happy ever since. I mix wet with the dry

I will never again feed my animals cheap dog food. They deserve better and I only wish I had made the switch sooner.

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