Abandoned Boo Boo. New Beginning

by Greg
(Canyon Lake, TX US)

A grateful Boo Boo with his new and improved family

A grateful Boo Boo with his new and improved family

A few months ago, we adopted a great little Shih Tzu that had been abandoned in our neighborhood. We constantly wondered – was he really abandoned or did he just wander off? Well, the mystery has been solved.
I am including a picture of the area we live in. As you can tell, it is fairly rural and, as such, is a favorite dumping ground for people who want to get rid of pets, for whatever reason. Notice the star indicating the nature preserve. It is about 1 ½ miles from our house to the end of it. It’s a good place to walk in the afternoons for exercise.
Also in the picture, I have marked where some new homes area being built. All of this is important information for my story.
About 6 months ago we saw a post on a neighborhood web site (street names blotted out).
Because we had just had to part with a dog we loved, we adopted him. As you can tell, he was a bit of a mess. We called him Boo Boo because of his bow tie - you know, Yogi Bear’s little friend.
The person who had been looking after him told us that she thought he had blood in his pee. She took him to her vet but by that time there was no blood. After we got him, we took him to our vet. Sn x-ray discovered a mass in his kidney. The vet said the mass might have been a tumor so we had blood work done. It turned out that it was a mass of clotted blood. Our vet said he might have been kicked by a deer if he got to close or injured by crawling under a fence. It was pretty clear that she did not want to say that he had been kicked by a person. Despite that information, we were very relieved and, with some medication, the mass disappeared.
Our vet also discovered a growth on his eye, so we had it removed. It was a lot bigger than we thought it would be, about the size of the end of my pinkie finger. We were afraid it was cancerous and had a biopsy done. I have attached a picture of what he looked like after surgery.
Poor Boo Boo. He had a rough start with us. Not only did we have the growth removed, we had him neutered to cure his marking habit. Of course, we had him chipped. But, he turned out to be a great little dog. He joined the one dog we paid for, the other dog we rescued after she had been dumped (and after we raised the litter she had), and the kitten that we trapped by mistake and wound up keeping. All these “free” animals were costing us a fortune!
Anyway, around the time we got Boo Boo, some people had started building two small houses across the street from us. One was for an elderly man who was around ninety years old. The other was for his son and his family of about seven kids. It turns out that they also have a Shih Tzu as well, a small black and white dog who is very afraid of people.
I had polite conversations with both the father and son, but not the rest of the family. One day I was out walking Boo Boo and saw the mom with about four of her kids walking their Shih Tzu. I thought it would be nice to introduce the two dogs so I hustled to catch up to them. When I reached them, they more or less ignored me and Boo Boo as well. I thought – well, they are not neighborly sorts.
A few months after that I was returning from my afternoon walk (without Boo Boo) and ran into the old man who lived in one of the new houses. He was standing in his driveway with the other Shih Tzu nearby. The old man obviously did not remember me but we had a conversation anyway. When I petted the Shih Tzu, the old man said, “I used to have a Shih Tzu but I couldn’t handle him, so I took him to the nature preserve and let him go.”
With the coyotes, rattle snakes, coral snakes, foxes and occasional mountain lion we have around here, that could be a death sentence for a small dog. His statement was pretty shocking as it was, but then he pointed to my house and said, “I understand that the people who live there have him now.”
I was appalled. I said, “I live there.” The poor guy was taken aback. I then knew why the mom and kids ignored me. They did not want to give away the fact that they had abandoned Boo Boo.
So, I wonder, when they dumped Boo Boo, did they also kick him when he tried to follow them as they were leaving? Nice people, eh?
So, mystery solved. I don’t think I am going to become fast friends with the new neighbors.

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Apr 15, 2018
by: Carolynn Dumas

Glad BOO is ok now but I would have check ups done with animal people to make sure the other dog or pets they have are being well cared for in every way.

Apr 15, 2018

by: Molly

Thank you Greg for finding this beautiful little dog. He is so lucky to have you as his person now.

When I read the story of Boo Boo, I have to admit that I got pretty upset with those who had abandoned him the way they did.

Boo Boo is in better hands now, and I'm sure he couldn't be more grateful for you to take such good care of him.


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