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Recent Articles

  1. How To Clean a Shih Tzu’s Ears: How often and What You'll Need

    Jun 16, 22 09:38 PM

    To clean your Shih Tzu’s ears you don’t need fancy tools, but you do need to know how. Here’s a closer look at how and why, and what to look for

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  2. How to Trim Hair Around a Shih Tzu's Eyes

    Jun 09, 22 11:18 AM

    Trimming around a Shih Tzu's eyes can be intimidating at first, but with practice and know how you can get this important task done quite easily using these steps

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  3. Dogs and Rabbits-Do Shih Tzu and Rabbits Get Along

    May 21, 22 04:26 PM

    When it comes to dogs and rabbits in animal world, one is the predator while the other is they prey. Will your Shih Tzu get along with your pet rabbit?

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