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Recent Articles

  1. Why Do Dogs Bite Their Paws, Legs, and Tail?

    Jul 25, 21 09:54 AM

    If you've seen your dog biting at its paws, legs, or tail, it may indicate boredom, stress, or health issues. Here’s what you can do to remedy this bad habit

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  2. The Best Wet Puppy Food for Shih Tzu

    Jul 04, 21 10:06 AM

    Wet puppy food is a great option for Shih Tzu struggling to chew hard food or a loss of appetite, here’s 10 picks for best wet foods for a puppy and your budget

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  3. 7 Popular Pet Carriers For Traveling With Your Dog

    Jul 02, 21 06:48 PM

    Choosing the right pet carriers for air travel for your dog is crucial for a smooth trip. Check out these comfortable traveling options available for your pet

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