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Recent Articles

  1. How To Keep a Shih Tzu Cool in the Summer

    Jul 09, 20 08:55 AM

    The best way to keep your Shih Tzu cool in the summer is limit her outdoor activities to cooler times of the day, provide plenty of water and these other tips

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  2. Do Shih Tzu Get Stomach Problems? How You Can Tell

    Jul 06, 20 10:31 PM

    Shih Tzu don’t usually have stomach problems however, it can happen and not all of them are due to serious medical conditions or underlying health issue

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  3. Separation Anxiety in Shih Tzu: How to Help Your Dog Cope

    Jun 17, 20 10:21 PM

    Does you Shih Tzu have separation anxiety? Here are the signs and symptoms to watch for and how you can help you dog cope with being at home without you

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