This Cool Dog Paw Cleaner Tool Helps Keep Paws Clean

Dirty paw cleanerDog playing in the dirt

If you have a dog, you've probably had to deal with dirty paws in your home after he has been outside.  Dirty paw prints on your floors and furniture is not pleasant.

Whether in your house or in your car, if you're dog has walked outside in the rain or snow, or likes to kick up the dirt while playing in the yard, he is going to leave dirty prints behind.

How many times has this happened to you?  Your furbaby wants to go out for his walk, so you grab his leash and head outdoors.

When you get back home, you take a look down and see his paws have gotten pretty dirty, and then you remember your nice clean floors that you spent an hour cleaning that very morning. 

Think a dog paw cleaning device would be great about now?

Or another scenario is walking him in the winter, after the town has salted the heck out of the streets.  Now I don't know about you, but I really don’t want my furbaby licking that crud off his paws and getting sick from it.

And if your dog is like mine, he won't take too kindly to wearing them cute little dog booties either, no matter how many times you try to coax him with a piece of chicken or steak.

Or when you go to the park and his little paws get filthy….Ew.  I'm a little reluctant to let him walk on my clean car seats.

Dogs Allergies

Environmental allergens can be a problem for your dog. 

You've probably seen your dog chewing at his paws at some point, and then not long after start scratching.

He may be suffering from environmental allergies; yeast, grass, dirt etc, 

When dogs lick their feet, they could inadvertently be creating an allergic reaction due to all those allergens they've picked up while walking or playing outdoors. 

So What Can You Do? 

Dirty dog wants to come. Be ready and  grab the dog paw cleaner.Dog Paw Cleaner Tool

One thing you can do is to get a small rectangular bucket and add a little soapy warm water to it.

When your pooch comes home with his paws covered in dirt, simply put him in the bucket of water.  You will have to put your hands in the water bucket to make sure you get all the dirt, mud, grass or salt from between his pads.

Have a super absorbent towel or shammy close by and dry his paws on it when he steps from the bucket.

The key is to have it ready when you get back from his walk.

Ideally the bucket would be outdoors, but in the winter months, or when it’s raining, placing it outside will probably defeat the purpose of what you were trying to do. 

So,  just inside the doorway area will be okay too.

A down side to having it inside is that it can get messy from splashing the water around his paws, or if he jumps out causing the bucket to splash all over your floor, or even worse tip the bucket over...Not fun. 

But hey that’s what the towels are for, and it’s a small price we pay for a clean pet and a clean home.  

If you’re not dumping that dirty water outdoors, you’ll need to transport that bucket to the sink, tub, toilet, to dump it out when your done, which runs the risk of spilling or dropping on the floors….which we were trying to avoid in the first place. 

Dirty Paws?  Not In My Car

If you’re at the park let's face it, your canine buddy is going to get dirty, that means if you drove there, your vehicle will get dirty too.

To help keep you car seats clean, a simple seat cover works great.  But make sure you get one with a waterproof backing on it, especially if you have cloth seats.

Also, you want to get ones that can be washed, because it will stink like wet dog after awhile. 

You know that stale, musty smell that we grow immune to after awhile.  But  believe me, others who get in your car will smell it and may not want to carpool with you anymore.

The bucket idea may work great at home, but when your out , it’s not very practical, unless you have a water source nearby.

There is another solution...

Dog Paw Cleaner Device To Clean Them Dirty Paws 

A handy little tool is a dog paw cleaner which has silicon bristles to get in between the pads when he gets crud stuck in there.  Those bristles works great after he's been walking out in the salt covered streets after a snow storm.  Or has been running around in the dirt at the park.

It’s a pretty neat device that you put his paws in which will gently scrub his paws clean and you won’t have to use your own fingers to get the crud between his pads, so you stay cleaner too. 

It’s portable too, so you can carry it with you the next time you go out for a walk.  You will still need to dry his feet after, but it will at least be cleaner.

One drawback I see is that the water will get dirtier for each paw, so maybe having a second cup would be needed.   

A little tip is to have two cups.  One filled with soapy water for cleaning, a second cup filled with plain water for rinsing.  It’s a great tool for portability purposes and a quick cleaning.

Also, be sure to get the right size for your dogs paw size.

I got the medium not realizing how big it was going to be and thinking bigger would be better, but the medium is for longer legs and medium sized dogs, and my dogs have short legs.  So for a small dog like a Shih Tzu a small cup will probably be a better choice for you.

Whatever method you choose, bucket, car seat cover, the dog paw cleaner or all three, say good bye to them muddy paws and hello to a cleaner floors.

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